PILOTS at Saint Columba URC Liverpool

Playing the parachute game in Saint Columba URC Liverpool - PILOTS

Saint Columba URC Liverpool is delighted to announce that our brand new Pilots group is up and running for children from the age of 4years and upwards!!

When our previous minister the Rev. Alan Crump came to us he asked what challenges he faced? and one challenge that was given to him was to get more young people involved with the life of Saint Columba. Alan was giving this problem some thought and right out of the blue came a phone call from Yvonne Maudsley who was looking for a placement as part of her theological course. Yvonne is the Mersey Regional Pilots Officer and so Alan decided to ask Yvonnes help. Alan and Yvonne decided they could not run Pilots alone and asked the congregation for help. The result was excellent with Brenda, Heather, Shelley, Eunice, Pauline, Isabella and Liz offering a helping hand, all we needed now were the children!

Yvonne and Alan set to work making invitations and giving out leaflets about Pilots to the young people in the area and we set our starting date and prayed. The response was a real blessing!!

To hear the sound of children excited and enjoying their games, crafts, stories and interaction with the bible etc. within Saint Columba is just fantastic. We also have a great group of parents who stay for a coffee and a natter with each other and members of the church while the children are having fun in Pilots.

If this sounds like an exciting night that your child would like to join then why not pop in on a Wednesday evening from 6:30pm the session lasts for approximately 1 hour.

We encourage the parents to stay and enjoy our free hospitality with a coffee or tea while the children are playing in the hall. It really is a great night both for the children and the parents!! so why not come along and enjoy the evening with us?

What is PILOTS?

Pilots is a URC Children's Organisation that started on the 21st April 2010 at 6.30pm at Saint Columba URC. It welcomes boys and girls from the age of 4years old and will help bring new life into churches as well as being a lot of fun for the children.

Pilots is a non uniformed organisation but children can work towards badges in areas of service, interest, talents, overseas, worship and prayer. Pilots is the fastest growing part of the URC and St.Columba is excited to be part of it.

Pilots will be held on a Wednesday evening at Saint Columba URC. A typical evening can include a variety of activities; games, crafts, painting, singing, cooking, prayer, worship and stories.

If you would like to join Pilots then why not pop in on a Wednesday evening from 6:30pm.

If you would like to ask a question regarding Pilots then please don't hesitate to pop in to see one of our leaders on a Wednesday evening or maybe just email us directly.