FOFA - Families on Faith Adventures

Before the pandemic Pilots at St Columba had been running faithfully on a Wednesday evening for over 10 years. It has been such a joy and so many children have learnt, prayed and served all they could with the worldwide church of Jesus Christ.

It is now time for a little change ......... we will move from a Wednesday to a Tuesday and I am delighted that Catherine and Jules will now join the team. This is the plan and we ask you to pray for children to attend and leaders to be encouraged.

Families on Faith Adventures which is a Pilots spin created by the URC. It will run from 6pm to 7.30pm and open to children from 5-9 years old.

If you would like to be involved or would like to invite a young person that lives near you do let one of the team know.

What is FOFA?

FOFA or Families on Faith Adventures is a brand new childrens group that is starting at Saint Columba URC Liverpool. Our typical evening would look like...

  • Welcome - Short prayer to open our session, and a chance to hear from the family since last meetings challenge.
  • Fun Together - Playing games connected to the theme of the evening.
  • The Big Story - A chance for the children to join in the story using props from the FOFA bag.
  • Creative Adventure - Craft time and a chance to show your creative skills with a craft based on the Big Story.
  • Adventure Map - Find the Big Story in the Bible and record the adventure together.
  • Walking The Way Challenge - A challenge to carry out based on the heart of the Big Story. Record the challenge with the help of the bear and the camera.
  • Adventurers Go! - Final prayer and then close of the evening with a family activity sheet.

The list above is a typical fun session of FOFA. If this is something that would interest your children or family then please do not hesitate to call in to see us on the LAST Tuesday of the month starting at 6.30pm. We would be delighted to welcome the parents and invite them to stay for tea and coffee while the children enjoy their games and craft. The children will be supplied with refreshments also.