Saint Columba Church History

saint columba minister catherine mcfie

The dates and timeline of this history of Saint Columba URC page were reproduced with the kind permission of Dr.D.R.Meek taken from his excellent book ' St. Columba Hunts Cross Liverpool ~ Diamond Jubilee 1942 - 2002'.

A timeline of Saint Columba History

1942 A small number of people met in a garden shed at a house called Brentwood near the present Church. They decided to form a Presbyterian Church to serve the developing district of Hunts Cross.

1943 The newly formed congregation moved into a chicken hut on a nearby site and worshipped there until 1949.

1944 The Rev. Edward Charles Lane was appointed as minister.

1944 The current site for the Church was purchased at the junction of Hillfoot Road and Hillfoot Avenue. The construction of the Church could not begin due to wartime restrictions.

1947 With the end of the war and rationing a licence was granted for the building of a semi-permanent Church building.

1949 On the 18th June 1949 a new semi-permanent Church opens in Hunts Cross called St.Columba.

1951 The Rev. Charles Henry Shaw B.A. was appointed as the minister.

1952 The congregation celebrated their 10th anniversary.

1953 The registrar-general authorised St.Columba's for the solemnizing of marriages. The first wedding was held on the 7th March 1953.

1955 The 28th Allerton Scout Group was formed in St.Columba's.

1956 The Rev.John Brown was appointed as the minister.

1958 The 401st Guide Company was formed in St. Columba.

1963 Workmen move onto the site to start building a 'New Church'.

saint columba outside of building

1964 The current Church building of St.Columba is completed.

1964 The Rev. Frank Glendinning was appointed as the minister.

1967 The congregation achieved the 25th anniversary of its foundation in Brentwood.

1967 The 401st Liverpool Brownie Pack was formed.

1970 The 25 club was formed as a lunch club for older people under the chairmanship of Mrs.Eileen Blakeley.

1972 The Presbyterian Church of England and the Congregational Church of England and Wales agree to unite and form the United Reform Church. In 1972 St.Columba URC was formed.

1976 The Rev. John Barry Hawksworth was appointed as the minister.

1978 The Saint Columba Squadronettes were formed. The troupe catered for girls from the ages of 4 to 24. The squadronettes carried the name of St. Columba not only throughout the United Kingdom but also across Europe. The Saint Columba squadronettes won many competitions during the time they competed culminating in winning the European Majorette Championships in Spain and the Majorette World Championships in the Isle of Man.

1980 The 25 club celebrated their 10th anniversary.

1981 W.Herbert Elliot was appointed as Interim Moderator.

1982 The Rev. W. Herbert Elliot was appointed as the minister.

1993 The Rev. Heather Marjorie Gabbott was apointed as minister.

1998 On the 21st February 1998 the new Church Hall named 'Brentwood' after the original meeting place for the congregation was completed and opened by the moderator the Rev. G. Cook.

2002 Saint Columba URC celebrates its Diamond Jubilee

2008 The Rev. Alan Crump was inducted as minister.

2017 The Rev. Alan Crump moves to Bilton Grange and Knaresborough URC.

2020 The Rev.Catherine McFie is inducted as minister.