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Sunday School

Saint Columba during Sunday morning worship has a Sunday School for our young people that is run by Colette and Isabella.Our young people enjoy a bible story, craft and worksheet all themed to the main worship of the morning. Occasionally the Sunday School organise trips out to local landmarks and events. If you would like to come along and experience Sunday School why not join us one Sunday morning starting at 10:45am

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FOFA at Saint Columba

Before the pandemic Saint Columba ran a non-uniformed childrens group called Pilots. This ran on a Wednesday evening for over 10 years and we were priviledged to have known many young people from the local area. Sadly Pilots was dropped by the United Reformed Church and replaced with a new updated version of the group called FOFA or Friends on Faith Adventures.

The new FOFA evening at Saint Columba is a non-uniformed organisation which means no expense on uniforms to join. It is a fun evening aimed at children aged 5 - 10 years.

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What happens at FOFA?

A typical FOFA evening will start with some free time for our children to play or just chat to friends prior to the start of the evening. We then come together and say the FOFA promise to start our evening. Then we have a bible story based on the theme for the evening. We sit in a group and then share good news and bad news that the children may want to talk about. After our chats its time for some crafts (all based around the evenings theme). We then have some refreshments and play some games. At the close of the evening we say our FOFA prayer and the evening closes.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy trying, then simply get an adult to pop along to the church with you on the First or Third Tuesday in the month we start at 6pm - 7:30pm we would love to welcome you very soon.